Advanced approach of multiagent based buoy communication

Gediminas Gricius, Darius Drungilas, Arunas Andziulis, Dale Dzemydiene, Miroslav Voznak, Mindaugas Kurmis, Sergej Jakovlev

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    Usually, a hydrometeorological information system is faced with great data flows, but the data levels are often excessive, depending on the observed region of the water. The paper presents advanced buoy communication technologies based on multiagent interaction and data exchange between several monitoring system nodes. The proposed management of buoy communication is based on a clustering algorithm, which enables the performance of the hydrometeorological information system to be enhanced. The experiment is based on the design and analysis of the inexpensive but reliable Baltic Sea autonomous monitoring network (buoys), which would be able to continuously monitor and collect temperature, waviness, and other required data. The proposed approach of multiagent based buoy communication enables all the data from the costal-based station to be monitored with limited transition speed by setting different tasks for the agent-based buoy system according to the clustering information.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number569841
    JournalScientific World Journal
    Publication statusPublished - 2015


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    Gricius, G., Drungilas, D., Andziulis, A., Dzemydiene, D., Voznak, M., Kurmis, M., & Jakovlev, S. (2015). Advanced approach of multiagent based buoy communication. Scientific World Journal, 2015, [569841].