Skaitymo strategiju{ogonek} taikymo socialinio pedagogo darbe, sprendžiant paaugliu{ogonek} socialines ir pedagogines problemas, prielaidos

Translated title of the contribution: Assumptions of reading strategy application in social educator's work when solving teenagers' socio-pedagogical problems

Valdone Indrašiene, Egle Kapočiute

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The article analyzes the assumptions of reading application in social educator's work when solving socio-pedagogical problems as reading is considered to be one of the main skills in personality education. the aim of The article is to discuss the possibility of reading strategy application when working with teenagers. Reading, text comprehension, ability to structure and analyze it is an assumption of successful integration into the society and ability to learn the whole life. Therefore, the article analyzes the inducement of reading strategy application from the theoretical point of view. The research showed that students defined as lacking reading motivation evaluated reading not only as a pleasant free time activity but also as one of the ways to develop essential skills for a young person, which would be necessary for successful socialization, professional career and constant development. According to the analysis of theoretical assumptions of reading strategy application and qualitative research results a conclusion can be drawn that social educators in cooperation with teachers of Lithuanian and class tutor could apply reading strategies as a means to solve emotional and socio-pedagogical problems, to develop person's attitude towards himself and the surrounding world.

Original languageLithuanian
Pages (from-to)87-94
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2008
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