Sociopedagoginės pagalbos vaikams, patyrusiems mokymosi nesėkmes, prielaidos

Translated title of the contribution: Assumptions of sociopedagogical assistance to children who have experienced learning failure

Valdone Indrašiene, Violeta Suboč

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    Annotation. The article discusses the main reasons for unsuccessful learning: the lack of motivated, directed to certain goals activity, inadequate teacher and student interaction, child's ability and teacher's incapability. Research aim: Analyze the assumptions of social educator's activity who works with children having experienced learning failure. The child who has experienced learning failure needs not only matter-of-fact but also sociopedagogical assistance. Scientific reference analysis shows that sociopedagogical assistance is complex help and its efficiency can be described as pedagogue's effort to notice student's learning failuie by overcoming learnin'g difficulties. According to research result analysis the conclusion is that unsuccessful learning is most often caused by general earning difficulties, too many homework tasks and lack of student attention concentration. It is necessary to provide better accessibility to pedagogical and psychological assistance, improve its efficiency and quality as in Lithuania the number of students having experienced learning failure is growing. It is also estimated that at school class tutors usually help students cope with learning difficulty whereas other kinds of assistance are either less accessible or less acceptable. According to research it is stated that the whole teaching staff - psychologists, social educators, various subject teachers and class tutors - have to participate in the process of assistance organization.

    Original languageLithuanian
    Pages (from-to)115-122
    Number of pages8
    Publication statusPublished - 2008


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