Changing paradigm of universities management in competitive environment. Mykolas Romeris University case

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Universities always had a unique self-organization and a privileged position compared with all other public sector institutions and retained their features to this day, but the processes of globalization, changing environment and completely new challenges brought new requirements for their management. Universities – one of the most stable organizational structures that have reached us from the early Middle Ages, today are changing not only structurally but also in terms of identity. It is impossible to cope with new challenges without integrating strategic organizations’ management and process improvement with its human resource management.
The article presents the innovations carried out by Mykolas Romeris University, changing their approach to performance management. The paper presents a fragment of expanded and modified SWOT analysis, which included all university activities, with special emphasis on human resources. Due to exclusive mission of universities and their special place in society, they need a balanced development, therefore purely competitive strategies here may not be fully suitable. In this case, a more important criterion for assessing the effectiveness of the University strategy is sustainability of monitored performances indicators. University strategic plan mapped by the means of the balanced scorecard system turns to the internal communication tool, significantly contributing to the successful execution of the strategy.
To be successful is not enough to correctly select what to do, i.e. not enough only to create a good strategic plan. It is also very important to answer the question how to achieve the results sought. Sophisticated, comprehensive process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma could be a later stage of implementation of quality management, while at the beginning starting with lean manufacturing or sometimes so called “workout” methods, used only in the most important points, gradually increasing the use of tools process improvement range and broadening their scope to all the activities. Process improvement similarly to strategic management should become a part of the organizational culture of the university.
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Pages (from-to)90-105
JournalHuman resources management and ergonomics (HRM & E)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2013



  • University
  • Strategic management
  • Process involving
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Human resource management

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