Konstruktyvioji teises epistemologija

Translated title of the contribution: Constructive epistemology of law

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The approach of jurisprudence to other social and humanitarian sciences is frequently criticized. On one side, it is argued that the social and humanitarian sciences are ignorant of jurisprudence's peculiarity; on other side, it is pointed out that the formalization of juridical categories loses touch with social reality. The integration of social sciences into the space of modern jurisprudence is a phenomenon which raises problems. The integration does not solve the conflict between juridical reality and jurisprudence and creates a new reality which is neither entirely juridical nor entirely scientific. Philosophies of law, sociologies of law, a juridical analysis of economy, and juridical political science are crossbreed formations of social sciences. They study social aspects of law and speak of law not only by jurisprudential discourses but also by juridical practice discourses which are discussed in this article.

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Publication statusPublished - 2013


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