E-business qualitative criteria application model: perspectives of practical implementation

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    Constantly changing business environment makes the traditional business switch to electronic. One of the main problems in the development and implementation of e-business is e-business qualitative criteria uncertainty. Quality is a very important objective for both – business and customers. But there are no ebusiness qualitative criteria centrally and systematically analysed and defined in the theory, the selection as well as the evaluation of these criteria are not clear. There is discussed and analyzed question of creating e-business qualitative criteria In this paper. The aim of the paper is to create e-business qualitative criteria, to analyze the possibilities of their application and propose e-business qualitative criteria application model. The objectives are – to analyze theoretical aspects of e-business qualitative criteria creation and application; carry out a qualitative survey of e-business experts and analyze it’s data; analyze e-business qualitative criteria application model implementation possibilities and perspectives. Theoretical aspects of e-business qualitative criteria include e-business qualitative criteria formation guidelines. There were defined 4 e-business qualitative criteria: matching the value curve; orientation to the customer; information and data quality; creativity. The paper relies on scientific literature analysis, the qualitative research method and the method of dynamic modeling are applied as well. Also, there is carried out the theoretical narrative, systematic, comparative analysis. After analyzing theoretical aspects of e-business qualitative criteria, conducting e-business experts qualitative opinion survey and proposing e-business qualitative criteria, there was created a model of their application.
    E-business qualitative criteria application model includes the input – start of e-business, answering to added value curve questions, customer satisfaction analysis, the information, data quality analysis, level of creativity. After analyzing business in accordance with all e-business qualitative criteria, it can be seen what needs to be improved, and the direction in which to do so, because the output (high-quality e-business) will be achieved only when ebusiness in great extent or completely satisfy these criteria.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)191-213
    JournalInternational journal of advanced computer science and information technology
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 2014



    • E. business
    • E-business qualitative criteria
    • E-busines qualitative criteria creation

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