Ecological security and regulation of utilization of natural resources

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The article presents the concept of ecological security and it’s relation with the utilization of natural resources. Ecological security has become equally important with military security, economic security, political security, and national security. Serious environmental challenges arise on global and local levels, especially created by excessively exploiting natural resources and causing environmental risks, therefore, in the regulation of utilization of natural resources ecological security becomes an important issue. The first part of the article presents the essence and importance of ecological security. Ecological security transcend national borders, various aspects of the utilization and protection of natural resources are regulated by the international and regional legal acts. The condition and quality of air, water, land, flora, fauna, etc, do not depend only on one particular State, but on the Global community. Therefore ecological security issues are regulated on the international level. In the second part of the article the review of the international and regional legal regulation that defines the requirements for the utilisation and conservation of natural resources is presented. Declarations of the United Nations provided a framework for development of environmental law, which aims to find the right balance between states’ rights and obligations in the utilization of natural resources. Types of natural resources and emerging threats for ecological security while utilization of these natural resources are presented in the third part of the article. The main natural resources which utilization is related with ecological security are: oil, gas, water resources, subsoil resources, mineral resources, forest resources, fish stocks, energy resources.
The rational use of natural resources means the use of resource making it possible for current and future generations to achieve the common good, but within the permissible limits of environmental impact.
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JournalInternal security
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  • Ecological security
  • Environment
  • Natural resources

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