Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Lithuania in 1988-2001: review of present situation and prognosis of HIV transmission trends.

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The aim of this study was to review epidemiological situation of HIV infection and AIDS in Lithuania during 1988-2001 and to try to forecast possible trends of further HIV transmission. The data were obtained from the database of Lithuanian AIDS Center, which is the only organization in Lithuania in charge of HIV epidemiological data sampling and analysis. First, the general overview of both development of the HIV/AIDS epidemics, reporting and surveillance system is presented that proves systematic and scientific approach to the problem, while taking into consideration recommendations and guidelines of key international organizations acting in the HIV/AIDS field. Secondly, HIV transmission trends are analyzed in the so-called target groups including intravenous drug users, sex workers and homosexuals. Lastly, cases of a full-blown HIV infection--AIDS are discussed allowing to track epidemics from the very beginning.

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