Viešasis valdymas ar valdysena? Lietuviškasis kontekstas

Translated title of the contribution: Governance or "governance"? the lithuanian context

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The 15th Lithuanian government cabinet is set to become the most stable of all to date. Nevertheless, its political programme was one of radical reform of governance (the term which was not expressly articulated in its political programme). During this period, the Lithuanian academe has also embraced the idea of governance. However, it resulted in two competing translations of the concept. In early 2012, the government has approved "The Programme of Governance Development" where it provided for an express definition of the term. An analysis of governance reform and its prospects for the future set out in the programme allows us conclude that governance is understood within the framework of "good governance". At the same time, the methods of implementation of the provisions of this programme will go along the lines of the existing administrative practice.

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