Planavimo savivaldybėje sistemos tobulinimo galimybės saugios savivaldybės (saugios bendruomenės) modelio įgyvendinimo procese

Translated title of the contribution: Improving the municipal planning system through the implementation of the safe municipality (safe community) model

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


In view of the changing regulation regarding the system of planning of local self-government activities, the present article proposes the options for the creation/improvement of the municipal planning system in Lithuania’s municipalities intending to implement the Safe Community Model that meets the Safe Community criteria established by the World Health Organization (WHO). With this objective in mind, the article covers: (1) general principles governing the implementation of the Safe Community Model in Lithuania’s municipalities in line with the WHO Safe Community criteria; (2) guidelines for the creation/improvement of the planning system, which have been drafted and recommended to the Lithuanian municipalities aspiring to implement the Safe Community Model: the authors of this article included the guidelines into their study and the Safe Municipality Concept drawn up during their participation in the project carried out by the Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior; (3) the part of the proposals concerning the changes/improvement of the system of municipal strategic planning tabled by the working group set up under the ordinance of the Prime Minister that should be taken into account by the municipalities intending to implement the Safe Community Model.
Original languageLithuanian
Pages (from-to)563-580
JournalPublic Policy and Administration
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2012



  • Lithuanian municipality
  • Safe community
  • Planning in a safe community

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