Influence of e-banking systems on providing of e-public servines

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    When analyzing the problems of effective realization of e-governance services one of the main issues becomes the interoperability of information systems and databases, distributed in different administrative departments. Effective realization of e-services usually requires information from distributed information systems stored and maintained in different formats and software environments. The rationally organized integrated infrastructure of distributed systems requires additional means and components of safe communication possibilities, organizational activities on the national and inter-European levels and software programs that speed up the realization of e-public services. Interoperability requirements of the distributed public administration systems concern physical, semantic and socio-organizational interoperability levels. The information technologies and representation methods play an important role in the development of electronic (e-) service applications to public administration. The main tasks of public service electronic delivery are analyzed in this article for the administration sector, using distributed information systems of e-banking service components. The highest level of automatic interactivity of e-services is reached in the tax and payment management area. The effective hotspots of e-banking systems and applicable integrated interfaces for consumers influence the popularity of these systems and take dividends for the growing economic value in the development of public administration services or the portal of e- government. The analysis of statistical indicators of e- public services is made on the effectiveness of distributed information systems applications. New tendencies are recognized according to statistical evaluation of indicators or electronic service abilities in the public administration sector.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)15-22
    JournalIntelektinė ekonomika
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 2008



    • E-public services
    • E-banking services
    • System‘s interoperability

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