Insights of the entrepreneurial personality trait necessity on youth entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is more than a creation of business. Its cornerstone of entrepreneurship process is an individual – entrepreneur. There is no single test which determines person’s aptitude for entrepreneurship, nor a single set of rules which can be followed in order to become an entrepreneur. The analysis of scientific literature allows stating that the problems relating to the research of entrepreneurial personality traits, which occupies an insufficiently defined niche in the system of business management, psychology and economics sciences, encompass a wide range of theoretical preconditions. This allows for the formulation of a scientific problem – to distinguish and substantiate the key theoretical approaches that enable to highlight the perception of entrepreneurial personality traits and its influence for perspective establishment of youth business start-ups and/or development of private businesses. The aim of the study is to find how young people perceive entrepreneurial personality traits and which factors they think are important for success of an entrepreneurial venture. Objectives: 1) reveal entrepreneurship personality trait theoretical approaches and identify entrepreneurial personality trait importance to the entrepreneurship. 2) to determine the necessity of entrepreneurial personality traits for entrepreneurship promotion, establishment of business start-ups and/or development of private businesses on the basis of the data of the longitudinal empirical survey conducted among youth in Lithuania. The methods of research include the following: analysis of scientific literature, comparative analysis, questionnaire survey, summarising method, statistical data analysis methods.
It can be argued that entrepreneurship is the subject of interdisciplinary studies. There is plethora of discussion about entrepreneurial personality traits of the diversity and the identity. Entrepreneurial personality traits, emphasize their heterogeneity and compatibility, in addition they relate and complement each other. The results of the empirical survey showed that young people positively assessed the level of study choice within the emphasis on the future employment perspectives, personal entrepreneurial trait necessity and it’s training at the University. The study also reveals the insights of the entrepreneurial orientation creation and existence among youth in Lithuania.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)33-41
JournalKSI transactions on knowledge society
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2014



  • Personal entrepreneurial traits
  • Entrepreneurship

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