Tarpdisciplininiai teisės pažinimo aspektai

Translated title of the contribution: Interdisciplinary aspects of law cognition

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For humanitarian science knowledge about law has always been important. Law explains the organisation of society, the construction of the state. In short, law helps to understand social regularities and how to instil them so as to create the wealth of society. It is impossible to abstract law from society and social reality. That is why a direct and indirect knowledge of law is related to the object of humanitarian science. So, more or less various the social sciences (and not only social) contribute to the understanding of the process of law. It is interesting to note different sciecnes and methods are often not clearly seen in an interdisciplinary context. The article reveals the perspicacity resulting from communication between sciences like philosophy of law, history of law, sociology of law and others which is able to recognize internal law doctines as well as mistakes of jurisprudence practise.

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