International Legal Dimension in Regulation of Foreign Trade in the Republic of Lithuania and its Transformations: Comparative and Historical Aspects

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The article analyses the Lithuanian experience on the regulation of foreign trade using international legal instruments (bilateral and multilateral international trade agreements) and explores its comparative aspects since the formation of the independent state (in XIIIth century) until nowadays. Therefore, the article aims to identify the international legal instruments (sources of international law) which were shaping the implementation of foreign trade policy and its development in individual historical stages of statehood. In order to achieve this goal, the following objectives were raised: (i) to summarize the historical experience of Lithuanian state in the regulation of foreign trade by participating in international legal relations and signing of trade agreements with other countries (from XIIIth until XVIIIth century); (ii) to assess and compare the practice in the Interwar Republic of Lithuania (yrs. 1918 - 1940, and in the Republic of Lithuania after the restoration of its independence (since 1990) on the applied (applicable) foreign trade regulatory measures (customs duties/tariffs) and, in particular, their international legal foundations; (iii) to identify main legal problems which arises for the Republic of Lithuania and are created by existing modern conditions for the regulation of foreign trade (participation in the World Trade Organization and World Customs Organization as well as membership in the European Union (EU) and by the modern international legal instruments which are setting the rules for the application of customs tariffs and the taxation of international trade in goods.
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  • international trade law, international trade agreements of the Republic of Lithuania, customs duties (tariffs), World Trade Organization (WTO), Common Commercial Policy of the EU

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