Studiju programu atnaujinimo Lietuvoje apžvalga: Studiju programos tikslu, studiju rezultatu formulavimo problematika ir tobulinimo metodiniai aspektai

Translated title of the contribution: Issues in programme aims, learning outcomes formulation and methodic aspects of their improvement in Lithuania

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    The aim - to present the study programme renewal problems in formulation of the study aims, learning outcomes on the basis of programme renewal and assessment results. The main methods used in the research are: the literature, documents, study programmes analysis, discussions with study programme staff, expert method. Staff of renewing study programmes indicated these problems: unclear understanding about learning outcomes, linguistic and thesaurus problems, lack of information how formulate learning outcomes, differences between learning outcomes and competencies, ineffective social partners work. The recurring problems revealed during expert's evaluation: not clear formulated learning outcomes, learning outcomes interlaced with programme demand, learning outcomes unclear and not clear witch level of specialist will be, learning outcomes insufficiently linked to programme demand, purpose, the competencies not so good for labour market, not clear study outcomes links with Dublin descriptions. There is analysis why for experts isn't clear how effective work was with social partners or does the study programme aims, learning outcomes formulated with social partners too.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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