Leadership and managerial competences in a contemporary organization from the standpoint of business executives

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The aim of the article is to present the insights of advanced organization management and to examine how settled ideas are reflected in the attitude of organizations’ top management in Lithuania. The results of meta-analysis revealed that modern organizations should be managed with a new attitude to manager’s work. A modern manager must be a leader who is able to enable employees and collaborate in a team. Scholars state that these strivings require the leader to possess managerial competences based on a high emotional and social intellect of a person. Leaders of 48 empirically examined organizations in Lithuania also emphasized the importance of leaders’ specific managerial competences. The research participants noted that relations with other people are becoming much more important for the contemporary leaders than before. The research enabled to develop a model of modern leader’s characteristics. The model states that only leader having specific values, attitudes, competences, abilities and professional characteristics is able to overcome managerial challenges in nowadays organizations.

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