Legal education system in Lithuania: nowadays & new challenges

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The article analyses the existing system of legal education in Lithuania and presents some conclusions concerning this topic. Legal science and legal studies in Lithuania have been institutionalized in the middle of the XVII Century when it was established in Vilnius University Law Faculty (1641, 11 October). At the end of the twentieth century it has been restored in Vilnius University and opened a new legal education and research traditions in Kaunas (Vytautas Magnus University), and established in Vilnius, even specialized legal institution of higher education – Lithuanian Law University (now - MykolasRomeris University). Non-university law studies were started to be organized by colleges. Law Faculty of MykolasRomeris University, Law Faculty of Vilnius University, Law Institute (State Scientific Institution) and Lithuanian Centre for Forensic Science are prosecuting research in different law fields. In addition to the national Lithuanian law students are studying the law of foreign countries (such as USA, Poland, Russia, Germany, Switzerland) in specialized centers and law schools (for example, VU - German Centre for Law, School of Law in Poland). For example, MykolasRomeris University has the jointed degree programmes in international law.
University Law degree enables person to become a lawyer, notary, bailiff, judge, or a civil servant working as a lawyer in the company) and non-university education enable less opportunities - students who have graduated from schools that are not university education is much lower career prospects than university graduates. For example, they cannot become lawyers, prosecutors or judges. University of choosing the right course of study, obtained higher legal education, University provides access to comprehensive legal career. The question of quality of legal studies has a new view in recent situation.
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JournalSocial media : challenges and opportunities for education in modern society : research papers
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Publication statusPublished - 2013



  • Legal education system
  • Quality of legal studies

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