Lobbying institute in Lithuania: Conception and obstacles for efficiency

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This paper analyzes the definition of lobbying and the efficiency of this social institution interference in Lithuania. Examining Lithuanian and foreign scientific literature, the authors introduce the origins and objectives of lobbying and analyze various concepts of lobbying. This paper argues that lobbying can be described as a positive phenomenon, insofar as it is a social and governmental form of communication, acknowledging that hitherto it has not been efficient in Lithuania. Further discussion on how to make lobbying more transparent and purposeful is encouraged. Recently debates on legal regulation of lobbying, with the aim of reviewing and improving current regulation, have been strongly encouraged. Research on this phenomenon is characterised by interdisciplinarity: lobbying activity may be analysed from legal, political, economic and social perspectives. The paper is divided into two parts: in the first part „Beginning and conception of lobbying“ authors deepen their knowledge in the concept of lobbying, introduce semantic definition of the term, examine main categories related to lobbying activities and analyze the content of this phenomenon. Assessing how relatively a new branch in Lithuania it is, the authors emphasize the need to educate the public, and to form deeper understanding of lobbying, promote positive thinking in the construction of a lobbying operation model. In the second part of "Lobbying effectiveness interference in Lithuania“ authors analyze the current Law on lobbying of the Republic of Lithuania,identify social and legal factors limiting the effectiveness of lobbying and encourage a discussion about the need to review not only the legal regulation of lobbying, but also to employ certain sociological evaluation methods in examining lobbying. This section also identifies the main debatable attitudes that would improve core lobbying procedures.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)118-135
JournalVisuomenės saugumas ir viešoji tvarka: mokslinių straipsnių rinkinys
Publication statusPublished - 2014



  • Lobbying
  • Lobbying activity
  • Interest groups
  • Infuence decisions

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