Logos ir Theos: Ontologinis protas ir apreiškimas

Translated title of the contribution: Logos and Theos: Ontological reason and revelation

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The article explores some fundamental issues concerning the relation between philosophical anthropology and theological epistemology. For this purpose we choose to critically examine presumably most prominent and the last of the great systematic thinkers in philosophy and theology Paul Tillich's "doctrine of reason", it's basic theses and relevance to the classic problem of faith and knowledge. The elaboration of the problem embraces such areas as differences between idealistic and existentialistic modes of thinking, logocentric and theocentric notion of religious experience, philosophical, psychological and theological descriptions of essential and existential modes of human being, and the cognitive problem of religious ecstasy. This inquiry opens up the way to speak about the value of systematic thinking concerning phenomenology of religion and the relevance of such attitude to the historical religions.

Original languageLithuanian
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Publication statusPublished - 2008
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