Medicinos diagnostika ir filosofija: Keletas ankstyvosios E. Husserlio fenomenologijos ir radiologinės praktikos sugretinimu

Translated title of the contribution: Medical diagnosis and philosophy: Several possibilities of conjoining early husserlian phenomenology and radiology practice

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This article is based on interdisciplinary approach and brings together two prima facie methodologically unbridgeable fields of research and praxis, i. e. philosophy in its phenomenological mode and medicine as empirical diagnosis based on specific imaging. However, phenomenological analysis via various projects initiated by its founder E. Husserl uncovers those cognitive processes and precognitive intentional activity which ground and structure the very genesis of diagnostic judgment. On the other hand, turning its attention to radiology phenomenology can expand the investigation of some basic phenomenological problems, such as the role imaging plays in the constitution of the intended object, intersubjective structure of diagnostic praxis, etc. Hence phenomenology uncovers the whole horizon of pre-reflective conditions necessary for diagnosis based on medical imaging and thus generates the potential to understand and improve one.

Original languageLithuanian
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JournalFilosofija, Sociologija
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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