Valstybes tarnautojų darbo apmokejimo sistema motyvacijos procesų analizes požiuriu

Translated title of the contribution: Motivation Process Analysis Approach to Civil Servants Salary System

Aistis Rusteika, Aiste Diržte

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    The article deals with the civil servants salary system in the framework of motivation process analysis. It is argued that the current version of the Civil Service Law does not meet the needs of the changing public service environment. The practical applications showed that the public service is not ready to deal with the alterations in legal regulations in Lithuania. It is disputed that the State civil service becomes overfilled with some constraining limitations and procedures which hamper making quick and effective decisions. The authors of the paper argue that in the current civil service more attention is focused to personnel administration, rather than to a real human resource management. In addition, the current civil servants salary system, if analyzed in the framework of motivation process, does not meet modern theories of motivation, and it does not comply with the scientific recommendations concerning strengthening motivation of civil servants.

    Original languageLithuanian
    Pages (from-to)573-589
    Number of pages17
    JournalPublic Policy and Administration
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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