On relationships between municipal and non-governmental organisations in Lithuania

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This article analyses the problems of relationships between Lithuanian municipalities and non-governmental organisations in two Lithuanian municipalities. Aiming to disclose the problems of interaction between Vilnius city and Ukmerge district municipalities and non-governmental organizations, the authors have carried out three surveys based on in-depth interviews and "participatory" research. The article not only proves the insufficient level of social capital at the interaction of municipalities and non-governmental organizations, but also presents the measures to improve it by promoting higher level of interaction, enhancing the potential of nongovernmental organisations, and reducing the asymmetrical information, which means uneven and unfair distribution of information from the ruling elite disposing information. In many ways asymmetrical information creates disproportional power relations and increases unnecessary transactional costs. Asymmetrical information was a greater problem in Ukmerge district than in Vilnius city.

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JournalPublic Policy and Administration
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