Problems of involvement of disabled persons in E. government

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The European Union Sustainable Development Strategy stated that sustainable development was a long-term European Union's strategy safeguarding clean and healthy environment and better quality of life for the present and future generations. People with disabilities are perhaps the single segment of society with the most to gain from the new technologies of the electronic age. Yet they are among the lowest rates of use of these technologies. As a result, the potential benefits of computers and the Internet to the disability community are a long way from being realized. Computer technology and the Internet have a tremendous potential to broaden the lives and increase the independence of people with disabilities. Those who have difficulty leaving their homes can now log in and order groceries, shop for appliances, research health questions, participate in online discussions, catch up with friends, or make new ones. Development of information society is one of main three Lithuanian state priorities stated in State long-term strategy. It fits aims of the European Union. Lithuanian information society development's aims are coordinated with norms of Lisbon strategy and initiative "e-Europe - information society for all". It is quite important that disabled persons could use IT opportunities. Research presents analysis of the main state Internet sites with purpose to establish how these sites are fitted to demands of disabled persons.

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