Relationships between problem behaviors, role changes in areas of work, love, and achievement of adult character qualities among emerging adults

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The goal of the current study is to evaluate the relationships between externalizing and internalizing problems, partner and work commitment, and the achievement of adult character qualities. A sample of 241 Lithuanian emerging adults participated in the study (mean age 22.22, SD = 2.91, 198 women and 43 men). Participants filled an internet-based questionnaire which consisted of Arnett’s questionnaire on adulthood criteria, additional questions on achieving these criteria, and the Adult Self-report questionnaire which measures internalizing and externalizing problems. Both partner and work commitments were found to be negatively related to anxiety / depression problems, and commitment to work was positively related to intrusive behavior. Achievement of independence was negatively related with anxiety / depression and withdrawal problems. The effect of commitment to work and to partner on anxiety / depression and the effect of commitment to partner on withdrawal was suppressed when it was controlled for achieving independence. Commitment to work positively predicts a more intrusive behavior even when achieving adult character qualities is taken into account.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)54-69
JournalPsichologija: mokslo darbai
Publication statusPublished - 2013



  • Problem behaviors
  • Emerging adulthood
  • Role changes

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