Social media in teaching practices: lecturer attitude

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Purpose – The article focuses on lecturer attitudes towards the use of social media, their opinions and implications they face in their work reality. The aim of the phenomenological study is to describe and analyze the phenomenon of teaching processes based on the use of social media. The main research question is focused on how lecturers perceive and name their experience connected to the use of social media in their teaching Design/methodology/approach – Van Manen’s (1990) insights about the connectedness of phenomenology and pedagogy allow to justify phenomenological approach in the research. Phenomenology is perceived as not pure description but as an interpretation of lived experiences related to the phenomenon. The research is focused on how lecturers in MRU perceive and name their experience related to social media use in teaching.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)376-383
JournalSocietal innovations for global growth: research papers
Issue number1 (1)
Publication statusPublished - 2012



  • Social media
  • Social network sites
  • Teaching/learning practices
  • Attitudes

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