Mokytoju{ogonek} pasirengimas integruoti vartojimo kultūra{ogonek} bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje

Translated title of the contribution: Teachers' readines to teach integrate consumer education in secondary schol

Ruta Dačiulyte, Vida Juškeliene, Manefa Miškiniene, Živile Sederevičiute-Pačiauskiene

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The Constitution of The European Union states that the Union policy warranties a high level of consumer protection. European citizens have their right to find only high quality products in a market, to have a product replaced, repaired or to have a refund or reduction in price for any fault in the product that you were not made aware of at the time of purchase. The knowledge of consumer rights is a basis for the development of responsible citizenship in the society. Critical and active consumers influence industry and market, force production of the high quality goods and services. Are Lithuanian consumers ready to use their rights? Are teachers competent to integrate the consumer rights topics into their subject? The results of the research show that the teacher's attitudes towards integration of consumer education in secondary school are positive. However their knowledge and behavioral stereotypes do not reflect the ideas of responsible consumption. The questions of health and the quality of life are the most frequently discussed with the pupils. The questions of personal finances and consumer rights are covered during the lessons the least. Even the teachers are keen to think that commercial persuasion do not have any influence on their behavior, the research revealed that in most of the cases they simply do not recognize the advertisement and are influenced by misleading advertisement. Therefore the knowledge and additional competencies of the marketing would lead teachers to more responsible behavior and successful education of yang consumers.

Original languageLithuanian
Pages (from-to)29-38
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2010
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Dačiulyte, R., Juškeliene, V., Miškiniene, M., & Sederevičiute-Pačiauskiene, Ž. (2010). Mokytoju{ogonek} pasirengimas integruoti vartojimo kultūra{ogonek} bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje. Pedagogika, 98, 29-38.