Morales filosofijos ypatybes juozapo goluchovskio "konkursiniame traktate"

Translated title of the contribution: The aspects of moral philosophy in the "competitive tractate" of józef gołuchowski

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This article examines the moral philosophy portions of the Tractate of Józef Gołuchowski, a philosopher of Polish origin ascertained by many scholars to be a follower of Schelling. The Tractate was submitted in 1821 to contest the seat of professor of philosophy at Vilnius University. The ideas in this Tractate are compared with Aristotelian, Stoical and Christian ethical tradition, to the thinking of British theoreticians of moral sense, and to the ideas of Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel. An index of works devoted to moral philosophy composed by Gołuchowski is analyzed here, together with some problems expressed in the critical review of the Tractate. We may conclude that elements of traditional ethics in the Tractate are intertwined with Kantian concept of morality, while the influence of other theoreticians, not excluding Schelling, is minimal.

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