Konstruktyvizmo ištakos lietuvoje ugdant socialinius i{ogonek}gūdžius

Translated title of the contribution: The beginning of constructionism and the expression of Social Skills

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    The aim of the research is to investigate the expression of pupil's social skills and organization of education. Also it was aimed for identifying the attitude of teachers and parents to the expression of social skills of primary school pupil's; to analyze organization of education of social skills; to identify the expression of organization and communicative abilities of teachers and their influence to pupil's social skill; to find out the ways of communication between parents and school in the process of the education of social skills. A questionnaire survey was chosen for the empirical research 271 parents and 121 primary schoolteachers of Vilnius city and Vilnius region participated in the research in order to find out the ways of education of pupil's social skills. On the basis of literature analysis, which was done by using qualitative methods, conception of social skills and aspects of organization of the development of social skills were defined. By applying SPSS10for Windows program for statistic processing of information, statistically important relations were found: pupil's social skills and family; activates; communicative and organizational skills of teachers, attitude of teachers and parents towards education of social skills; methods; structural components of teaching. After completing an empirical research it emerged that according to the opinion of teachers, social skills of pupils are not educated enough, their expression is usually average. Teachers devote much more attention to education of pupil's social skills than their parents. Also it was discovered that teachers rarely apply programs for education of social skills. According to the research primary school pupils lack for social skills and their parents do not devote enough attention to their education. Social skills of primary school pupils more often are educated in extra curriculum and education activities. Pupils are educated by using such components of structural education as feedback, role-playing, and modeling. It was discovered that communicative and organizational abilities of teachers have influence on pupil's social skills. Pupils' social skills directly depend on the organized education of social skills and the teamwork of parents and teachers.

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