Socialinės filosofijos disciplinos fragmentai lietuvoje

Translated title of the contribution: The fragments of the social philosophy as a discipline in Lithuania

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An article analyzes social philosophy as an independent philosophical discipline in Lithuania. First, we consider the reasons why the creation of the field of social philosophy was so unpopular. Then we demonstrate the main trends and feature the analysis of the problems in the field of social philosophy. It appears that all the main authors criticize a positivist and pragmatic approach in the methodology of social researches. The basic problems of social philosophy are analyzed with an attempt to avoid a dilemma of the priority of individual against the traditional forms of social life. Many Lithuanian political philosophers criticize the most radical attempts to deconstruct social traditions by the postmodern relativity of values, the concepts of a playful change of individual identity, and by an intention to blur a private and a public milieu in a social space.

Original languageLithuanian
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