Žaidimas kaip pirmaklasiu{ogonek} adaptacijos gerinimo priemonė

Translated title of the contribution: The game as a means of improving the adaptation of first formers

Vida Gudžinskiene, Aurelija Palaimaite

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First-formers' adaptation is one of topical problems at primary school. It is necessary to look for effective and natural adaptation improvement modes in order to help children successfully adapt and to prevent possible difficulties. Game is usual and very important children activity, which might be organized and used for reaching goals. Purpose of this paper is to reveal usage of games to improve first-formers' adaptation at school existing and possible features. This objective is reached by analyzing adaptation peculiarities and possible difficulties, by showing game and adaptation connection, by foreseeing game possibilities to advance first-formers' adaptation also by finding out practical games usage side to improve adaptation. Research was performed with questionnaire method. Results show that all respondents (156 primary school teachers) use games in teaching process and notice their benefits; however, not well enough purposefully and systematically utilize them in easing adaptation. Data analysis demonstrate that most of primary school teachers use didactic and sportive games, less - introduction and communication habits improving games; usage of games conditions differ between respondents. Deliberate and purposeful games practicing to improve first-formers' adaptation at school should be consistent and consecutive, focused on specific adaptation difficulties, with adequate chosen games and complex use. Games for first-formers' adaptation at school could be bounded with social field (such as introduction and communication habits acquiring ones) and educational ones, which help to get used to new routine and activity, stay focused, follow rules and orders.

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Publication statusPublished - 2010
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