Būsto i̧sigijimo sa̧lygu̧ i̧taka jaunimui i̧sitvirtinti nacionalinėje darbo rinkoje

Translated title of the contribution: The influence of home purchase conditions for the youths' integration in the national labour market

Daiva Jurevičiene, Laima Okunevičiute Neverauskiene

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It is important for youth to participate successfully in the labour market from the viewpoint of economy development. The increase of youth employment and decrease of unemployment determines a longer period of economic activity of a particular generation and faster development of national economy. The tendency of growing employment of Lithuanian population is inherent for middle aged and elder people, but not for the youth. Employment of young people up to 25 years declines mostly because of increased emigration to the Western countries. A lot of clever, educated young people leave our country every year. A part of them is going to continue their studies, acquire some experience or find a job according to speciality. Others exchange their diplomas for unqualified but better paid than in Lithuania work. Due to one-sided emigration of manpower (especially qualified) our country sustains obvious losses: lost investments in human capital; decline of production, etc. Scientific literature notes that the ownership of a home promotes the decrease of emigration. The article deals with the influence of purchasing conditions of living space for the youth's integration into the national labour market. Accomplished sociological survey of the last year students in higher schools showed that the most of young people are seeking to start working as quickly as possible and to receive salaries as high as possible in order to take a loan for purchasing their own home. The government can't participate directly increasing salaries (except fixing the minimum salary level), and while raising salaries for budgetary and office employees influences budgetary expenses. Therefore this article after the analysis of the structure of housing market in Lithuania, possibilities for house purchase and problems of state support for youth provides some suggestions that could help young people to acquire their own homes.

Original languageLithuanian
Pages (from-to)116-124
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JournalBusiness: Theory and Practice
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2008
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