The main features and development trends of mediation in Lithuania : the opportunities for lawyers: Pagrindiniai mediacijos bruožai ir vystymosi kryptys Lietuvoje : naujos galimybės teisininkams

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In this article the main features and development trends of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method are analyzed in the legal environment of the Republic of Lithuania. Mediation is analyzed as one of the primary informal alternative dispute resolution processes during which the third neutral, which is not authorized to take a decision during negotiations, helps the parties solve their dispute and the main aim of this process is the peaceful resolution of the dispute and the renewal of social peace between parties. In order to create favourable legal environment for the implementation of mediation process, it is necessary to consolidate the main requirements for the mediation process: requirements for confidentiality, responsibility of mediators, legal power of conciliatory agreements, etc. In this article the legal regulation of mediation in the Republic of Lithuania is described as well.
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JournalJurisprudencija: mokslo darbai
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Publication statusPublished - 2010



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