Alasdairo macintyre'o veikalo"priklausom iracionalūs gyvūnai" teiginiu{ogonek} politinės implikacijos

Translated title of the contribution: The political implications of alasdair macintyre's claims of dependent rational animals

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This paper engages with the key philosophical claims of Alalsdair MacIntyre's Dependent Rational Animals. I argue that despite MacIntyre's convincing accounts of an alternative Aristotelian social ontology, and the political structures of the common, his emphasis on the politics of communal self-defense is dubious unless the proponents of Aristotelian politics are in the position to challenge the power of limitless capital accumulation. The paper also engages with Aristotle's conception of virtue and the role legislation plays in our attempts to acquire virtues. Finally, on the basis of Karl Marx's distinction between necessary labour time and surplus labour time, this paper offers a new concept - Exploitation Calculus - which is designed to measure the level of the exploitation of labour in a given company.

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Publication statusPublished - 2012


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