Postmoderniosios mokslo filosofijos politika: D. Ginevas prieš J. Rouse'a̧

Translated title of the contribution: The politics of postmodern philosophy of science: D. Ginev versus J. Rouse

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Joseph Rouse's philosophy of scientific practices is a conceptual model of an engagement between scientific practices and their political significance. It implies that a politically-oriented human self-consciousness is detectable even in a specific medium formed by those practices. Rouse refers to this kind of discourse as a scientific self-identity being directed towards practico-theoretical understanding of science, which can also be evaluated as a political undertaking. Dimitri Ginev opposes this kind of "politics of postmodern philosophy of science." Ginev claims that the destruction of the cognitive autonomy of science poses a threat to the democratization processes of modern societies. However, my article argues that the mechanisms of scientific "democratization" threaten the elements of philosophical discourse and are alien to polylogical philosophical and political public sphere.

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