Hermeneutinės mokslo filosofijos projektas

Translated title of the contribution: The project of hermeneutical philosophy of science

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According to Patrick Heelan, the main purpose of hermeneutical philosophy of science is "to incorporate those aspects of historicality, culture, and tradition that are absent from the traditional analysis of theory and explanation", and "to re-orient the current discussion about scientific realism around the hermeneutics of meaning and truth in science". The project refers mostly to Heidegger and initially suggests that re-orientation of the kind of interpretation that is concerned with acceptance and transmission of ontological meaning within the lifeworld is indispensable, since traditional philosophy of science is immersed in the endless debate of realists and antirealists, but is entirely without convincing ontological commitments. The article depicts the attempts to return scientific enterprise its ontological import and fully rational account from the perspective of analyses of Heidegger's ontology and proposes few accounts, why the development of hermeneutical philosophy has nevertheless not substantially influenced the mainstream philosophy of science.

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