Friedricho Nietzsche's filosofijos recepcija ikikarineje lietuvoje

Translated title of the contribution: The reception of Friedrich Nietzsche philosophy in pre-war Lithuania

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The article analyzes the reception of works of Nietzsche in Lithuania before 1937. It states that great Lithuanian artists were the first to experience the positive influence of Nietzsche's ideas. It was in 1912, when Nietzsche was first mentioned in a published philosophical article. It was the article of Pranas Dovydaitis "Knowledge and Faith". The article looks into the critical attitude on the philosophy of morals of Nietzsche presented in the works of Pranas Kuraitis, Valentinas Gustainis, Izidorius Tamo aitis, Antanas Miliauskis, Juozas Grinius and other Lithuanian authors. The interpretations of Juozas Čepenas and Kazys Daukša on the Nietzsche's ideas receive a more positive evaluation. A conclusion is drawn that, compared to the studies of Nietzschean moral criticism and the meaning of the re-evaluation of values carried on in Germany, serious studies of the philosophy of Nietzsche in Lithuania have been lagging behind.

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