Theoretical background and problems of energy efficiency in Ukraine

Irina Gontareva, Dalia Streimikiene, Olena Ivanenko

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This research is dedicated to determine the energy efficiency problems under current economic conditions in Ukraine. Due to the complexity of energy efficiency notion, the problems must be solved by using an integrated approach. As long as the energy efficiency is a category within the efficiency notion, the approaches defining and assessing efficiency were applied in this study. Among these approaches there are the following: approach based on "benefit - cost" ratio, approach based on the system's capacity to exploit its potential, approach based on the efficiency of functioning process, approach based on the sustainable development theory, approach based on the needs satisfaction of key stakeholders. In the framework of each approach problems of energy efficiency at different economic levels, such as national economy, regional economy, economics of enterprise, were determined, and the suggested solutions were presented. Thus, the energy efficiency priorities were grounded in this article. These should be as follows: increasing the efficiency of energy resources utilization, implementing energy efficient equipment and technology, decentralizing the energy system, developing the alternative energy sources, optimizing the transaction costs. In order to succeed in solving problems of the energy efficiency, the suggested complex approach must be applied.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)563-583
Number of pages21
JournalTransformations in Business and Economics
Issue number2A
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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  • Alternative energy sources
  • Decentralisation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Energy potential
  • Energy saving
  • Energy system
  • Ukraine

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