Transforming government to build global national competitiveness: Aspects of applying dynamic organisational capabilities approach for interoperability development

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    Recent economic environment more than ever highlights the need for essential changes in modern governments. Effective absorption of information and communication technologies (ICTs), usually described as electronic government (egovernment) is one of the tools to achieve it. Its nature has evolved from silos to cross-organisational systems, so the significance of new organisational capability for interoperability is increasing along with the demand to re-design existing e-government development models. The aim of this paper is to examine the aspects of applying dynamic organisational capabilities approach for government transformation models based on ICTs. As a result, integrated framework for the strategic planning, implementation and research of government reform based on ICTs, grounded on the approach of dynamic organisational capabilities and their assessment, is proposed It might ensure more comprehensive and sustainable change in public sector, capable to build global national competitiveness in the period of economic uncertainty.

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    JournalTransformations in Business and Economics
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    Publication statusPublished - 2014



    • Competitiveness
    • Dynamic organisational capabilities
    • Egovernment
    • Information and communication technologies
    • Interoperability

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