Vertybių erdvėlaikis: Kaitos ir pastovumo problema

Translated title of the contribution: Values space-time: The problem of changing and stability

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The paper analyses the space-time dimension of values, which is understood as dispersion of values in time and space. Here the space is considered to be not only as “a map of values” but also as the third dimension – “the depth of values” and their gradual structure. Furthermore, the paper investigates their change in time and maintains that in classical and modern axiology along with instrumental and systemic values, there are intrinsic values which seem to retain their identity. The question is posed in what way we can explain and ground this. Along with the answers within the framework of phenomenological reflexion and analytics, the paper presents a new perspective which is based on the synergetic paradigm of the transdisciplinary character. According to this view, reality submits to unanimous collective nonlinear processes. In synergetics, the notions of the gradual (hierarchical) understanding of reality and emergent evolution are normally implied. The human world and human values also “obey” the laws of synergetics. It has to be noted that synergetic processes are determined by three major factors: a) initial programme; b) feedback relationship; c) adaptation. The initial programme, also called operational closure, determines maintenance of self-identity of any complex system. This operational closure is likely to condition that during the “crises of values” a stable element of intrinsic values which are articulated with difficulty seems to continue to exist.

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