Vosyliaus sezemano kulturu{ogonek} savitumo samprata

Translated title of the contribution: Vasily sesemann's conception of originality of cultures

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The article deals with the problems of individuality of national cultures, of the role of cultural relations in the enrichment of individual culture in Vasily Sesemann's (1884-1963) works. At the beginning of the 20th century, public attention was drawn to the dis-cussion concerning the role of Lithuanian national culture as a mediator between East and West. Its initiators were the Lithuanian philosophers Stasys Šalkauskis and Antanas Maceina. In response to this discussion, Vasily Sesemann published two articles: "On the question of national culture" and "German idealism of the 19th century and the problem of nationality". In these articles, he considers the ideas of Šalkauskis and Maceina romantic and quite conservative and urges to make Lithuanian culture open to the values and most significant achievements of other national cultures.

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JournalFilosofija, Sociologija
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