Kam Lietuvoje laiduota (vietos) savivaldos teise ir kaip ji igyvendinama?

Translated title of the contribution: Who is granted the right to self-government in lithuania and who implements this right and how?

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There are many research papers on local self-government from 1990s till present in Lithuania. However, according to the author, there is a lack of research papers where the Lithuanian local self-government system would be analysed systematically. The author has published several articles in the academic journal Public Policy and Administration. In this article, the author, by way of creative analogy, presents his approach as to who is granted the right to (local) self-government and who enjoys this right (i.e., what is the subject of the right to (local) self-government) as well as explains who, in his opinion, enforces the right to (local) self-government and how.

Original languageLithuanian
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JournalPublic Policy and Administration
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Publication statusPublished - 2014


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